Thousands Celebrate L. Frank Baum at Oz-Stravaganza

Oz-stravaganza brings out many across the country for the annual festival.

Die hard fans of The Wizard of Oz followed the yellow brick road into Chittenango today, discovering the roots of the great and powerful oz at Oz-Stravaganza.

For 35 years, thousands from across the country have been coming to celebrate and remember the birthplace of L. Frank Baum, who wrote The Wizard of Oz book series more than 100 years ago.

Next year marks the 75th anniversary since the book was made into that timeless move we all know too well which starred Judy Garland. Today this Chittenango community is trying to keep the Wizard of Oz alive for generation to come.

Karen Johnson is one of the co-owners for Land of Oz and Ends. She has been a staple in this community for years. "you can be a child again. If you want to dress up as the wicked witch as someone did and they jumped right in the parade and they said they never had so much fun being wicked. It's just being a kid again and enjoying this movie," says Johnson.

Jess Ackerman was out watching the parade today and knows how this community really bonds over this one weekend. "it's kind of a coming together for the entire community to show that we are united under this one thing that brings us all together. The entire community comes out and all of us support it. A lot of us pitch in resources, a lot of resources, a lot of time to create this one thing. It's more of a unity," says Ackerman.

A unity that this village wants to hold on to as they remember and celebrate the history of The Wizard of Oz.