Thousands come to SUNYIT looking for one of 300 positions at site of Nano-Utica

Hundreds gather at site of new nano-tech facility in Utica.

About 2,000 job seekers came to SUNY IT in Marcy Tuesday looking to interview for 300 positions at the new Nano-Utica site.

Phase 1 of The $1.5 billion Nano-Utica center construction is underway. Governor Andrew Cuomo has committed to creating 1,500 new jobs at the site.

Some Nano firms were at the job fair and talking to engineers and technicians about jobs that will possibly be available by this summer.

For the 300 positions, pay ranges between $30,000 and $100,000 a year.

The jobs available include technical, manufacturing, administrative, and building support.Christina Aiello's friends were surprised when she moved from New York City to Utica but she says seeing progress made on the $1.5 billion Utica Nanotechnology convinced her to move back to the Mohawk Valley.

"Where I was in the land of opportunity, so many options - it is good to hear that I do have more than one option here," said Aiello.

Some of the companies moving in aren't quite ready to hire yet but Advanced Nanotechnology Solutions Inc. founder Hector Ruiz came to SUNY IT's campus on Tuesday to look for the company's future.

"I think the work ethic, the community college system, all the colleges and universities around here - it is a rich environment for hiring," said Ruiz.

Current SUNY IT student Kenneth Burke has two more years before graduation. He sees them as two years to intern and connect with the companies moving onto the SUNY IT campus so he is ready for a job after graduation.

"They can tell me, what classes I need, what certificates I need, this is what your course curriculum should look like," said Burke.

So many people were interested in the job fair, the state had to close down pre-registration. There will be another job fair in the next few months.