Thousands come to the Fairgrounds to rally with their RV

Thousands cram into the Fairgrounds with their RV.

The largest RV rally in the country is in Syracuse for the first time ever. The Camping World/Good Sam RV Rally has completely taken over the Fairgrounds, with RV's of all shapes and sizes parked everywhere.


housands of people are camping out there for the weekend, ready for tours seminars and shows. Wayne Newton performed Friday night with Reba taking the stage Saturday.

These performances are only a small reason why more than 10,000 people crammed their love and passion for RV's into the Fairgrounds. Two of those who share in this passion with the thousand out this weekend are Brenda and Marc Chronister. They made the trip from Steubenville, OH to come to their second rally after going to their first down in Kentucky.

"Down at Louisville two years ago, I ran into people from New Mexico and it's kinda neat to run into folks from all over the US," says Marc Chronister.

"The first time we were a bit overwhelmed, just that there were so many units to look at and so many different seminars where you can go to and learn different things and all the people that were there. Everybody was so friendly you just say hi to each other, you just start talking about what unit you have or what experiences you have," says Brenda Chronister.

Experiences like dealing with the heavy rain. It's added a few challenges to Janet Berriault's Syracuse trip from Ontario.

"We got stuck trying to back into a parking spot because where we pulled out the ground was soft and we sunk in, but some other camper came and pulled us out," says Berriault.

This weekend isn't only about fun and friends for these enthusiasts. It's also a way for them to find anything they need to repair or add onto their camper for a 35 percent discount here at the Fairgrounds.

David Smith was one of those out who was looking for different odds and ends to put on his camper. "If we need any accessories, which we did, we can pick those up here. We can't find them anywhere else," says Smith.

Anything from new tires, to upgraded stairs for their home on wheels. All of this as a way to stay rolling across the country to continue to do what they love.