Thousands come to witness first Calder Cup Finals for their Crunch

The Crunch are in the Calder Cup Finals for the first time in their history.


t's all about hockey in Syracuse. The atmosphere was electric inside the War Memorial, as the Syracuse Crunch played its first game in the Calder Cup Finals in franchise history.

Ronnie May was out with his friends, Tyler Weber and Jordan Hughes as they cheered on their hometown team. "It's awesome, because we've been following the Crunch for the past couple years and it's good to see them doing this well and make it this far into the tournament," says May.


I've been pretty excited for this game all day. I mean it's the Calder Cup, doesn't happened too often

," says Weber.


Great to be here


loving the atmosphere, I've been a Crunch fan forever. Hoping they bring it home," says Hughes.

Fellow fan Kelly Geer was also excited for the Crunch to face off against Grand Rapids. "It's awesome, been following them for a long time. Obviously being local-ish, I'm not from Syracuse, but I love the team. Getting to be here for the actual playoffs is just awesome, best feeling and we've got great seats, really looking forward to it," says Greer.

Attendance is not even a question this round as the high energy has brought in thousands of fans as they pack the War Memorial.

"Just getting here has been difficult enough, getting through all the crowds. It's gonna be packed, completely packed, can't wait," says Geer.

For fans who came out today as well as those looking to get their hands on tickets for tomorrow, those covered tickets are hard to come by.

"It'll be tough to get tickets, but I think all the hard work and trying to get tickets will be worth it in the end," says Hughes.

Especially worth it if the hometown team takes home the ultimate prize, the Calder Cup.