Thousands expected for Bruno Mars concert

For weeks, Taylor Skieresz has been talking about how much she wanted to see Bruno Mars at the State Fair.

Her mother was skeptical about driving all the way from Buffalo for a show - until she found out it was free.

"It's a big deal for us to drive two and a half hours to come out. I wasn't going to drive all the way out and pay an exorbitant amount," said Sheila Skiersz.

Taylor and her mom arrived early to get good seats for the Bruno Mars show at Chevy Court.

25,000 to 30,000 people were expected for Bruno Mars and the fair is ready to accommodate them all. A lot of the younger crowd at the Bruno Mars show are also hoping to come back tomorrow night for a free show by boy band "Big Time Rush" even if there parents aren't.

"Well, i'm coming here with my dad tomorrow so I don't think he'll want to see a boy band," said Anthony Deverso as he waited for Bruno Mars.

Another 30,000 people are expected for Big Time Rush. The Fair learned from free shows by Shinedown two years ago and Lady Antebellum last year and will have more security on hand and better walking paths.

A new speaker system was also installed at Chevy Court that will bring the music all the way to the back and off to the sides.

"It really can project the sound in different directions and we're real excited about that. So far the fairgoers love it," said State Fair Director Dan O'Hara.

As the crowd gradually filled in, Melissa Perez and her family were already settled in. Their front row seats for Bruno Mars were free but they had to claim them at seven in the morning. That's 11 hours before the show started. Perez said the long wait gave them some bonus family time.

"It's going to be a night to remember with my children, my sister and my nieces," said Perez.