Thousands of dog lovers coming to dog show at State Fairgrounds


Thousands of dog lovers from around the country are in Central New York for one of the largest dog shows in the country.

About 1,800 dogs will be shown every day through Sunday for the 125th All-Breed Dog Show, Obedience, and Rally Trial.

Pat Welch, with the Finger Lakes Kennel Club, says many people from other countries, primarily Canada, come to see the show.

"Yesterday I met a labrador retriever from China, and there are probably some mexican dogs here," says Welch.

Many dog owners travel to other dog shows throughout the country, so this isn't their only stop. Many bring their family and friends too.

"A lot of people are also with the owners who make a vacation trip out of it," says Welch.

While it may not be the largest dog show in the country, it's still one of the largest and is sure to be a great sight with hundreds of lovable furry friends.

The event is at the Center of Progress Building and Exhibit Center at the Fairgrounds this Thursday through Sunday. It runs from 7am to 6pm. Admission is $5 and is Sunday is free for kids.