Thousands turn out for St. Patrick's Parade

The annual Saint Patrick's Parade in Syracuse is a tradition that's been bringing people to the area for more than 30 years.

Thousands turn out every year to march down South Salina Street, turning the area into a big party and sea of green.

For many, there are certain aspects of the parade that are personal favorites. "I would say meeting people," said Royce Mueller. "I've already met 10 people today. My philosophy is the more people you know, the better you're going to be in life."

"My favorite part was seeing everyone in green," said Dustin Chambers.

For others, today was a family-friendly event. "It's family fun," said Allison Nareault. "It's a healthy event for everyone to gather around, and you can be with your family members."

Today's parade featured everyone from floats to music to jugglers, putting people in the St. Patrick's Day spirit early.