Three arrested in Utica gun and drug bust

Jessica Cool / Utica Police Department

A Utica Police investigation into illegal handguns led to the arrest of three individuals.

Police say the investigation into possession of handguns gave police information of a vehicle containing the guns in the north Utica area.

The Utica Police Department says they conducted a stop of a vehicle occupied by two men and a woman.

Officers say when they approached the vehicle they saw the woman throw a large bag onto the floor. They also say they saw a knife and glass tube used to smoke crack cocaine in the vehicle.

Police say the investigation into the bag found six handguns, some of which were loaded.

Jeremiah Shipley, 32, Jessica Cool, 32, and Robert Jay, 29, were arrested and charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. Cool and Jay were also charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance.