Three bizarre Bath Salts incidents in Utica over the weekend

Police in Utica responded to three bizarre "bath salts" incidents over the weekend. The incidents involved a woman screaming while running naked through traffic, a man who thought he was having a heart attack, and a man on a roof.

The first incident happened in the 1100 block of Bleecker Street on Friday evening.

Police say that when they arrived, they saw the 22-year-old woman running into traffic. She was only wearing underwear, nude from the waist up, and foaming at the mouth.

The woman, police say, was screaming about having metal inside of her body and saying that her clothes were "electrocuting" her.

She told police that her skin was burning and that she could not be around metal or wires.

Police say she was violent and kept running in front of cars. Police had to physically restrain her until she was taken to St. Elizabeth's Hospital for treatment.

Eventually, the woman told police that she had eaten bath salts. She said she tried to inject it, but that it didnâ??t work.

The second incident happened on Friday at 207 Stephens Drive after a self-reported call.

Police say the 20-year-old man thought he was having a heart attack from using bath salts and called for help.

When officers arrived, he declined medical treatment but admitted that he had been snorting bath salts that he bought at a head shop on Genesee Street, near Oneida Square. The man turned over to police the eight bath salt packages he had with him.

The third incident happened on Saturday afternoon at 616 Schuyler Street in Utica after a report of an emotionally disturbed person on a roof.

Officers say that when they arrived, they spoke to the 39-year-old man who had apparently been on the roof for three hours. The man was sweating profusely and talking rapidly.

The man told officers that he was going to get ambushed by all the people near him and that people were coming to his house to beat him up. But, police say, there was no one around him except the officers below in the driveway.

Police say that they were able to convince the man to come down off the roof. He was taken to St. Elizabeth's Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

The man told police that he had been taking the synthetic drug known as "bath salts" for several days and had not slept in three days.

This is the seventh report involving 'bath salts' that Utica Police have issued in the past fourteen days. This follows an incident at Walgreens on Genesee Street, on

Downer Avenue, Court Street

, the

Radisson Hotel on Genesee Street

, and

Parkside Court


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