Three corner stores closed following second wave of city-wide crackdown

Three stores in the city now have to wait until they receive further notice.

Mayor Stephanie Minerâ??s office announced today that three more corner stores were closed after the second round of a city-wide crackdown.

These markets were closed today:

-First North Market, 717 Kirkpatrick Street, was closed for not having a Certificate of Occupancy.

-South Avenue Market, 1500 South Avenue, was closed and cited for improper electrical cabling, overuse of extension cords, and open wiring with no protections. Additionally, they had open sewer drains, unsupported gas piping, and improper venting of gas-fired equipment into the building.

-Brothers Fine Foods, 104 Dudley Avenue, was closed and cited due to improperly connected electrical service, plumbing violations which deal with improperly draining of food waste and water, and problems venting the hot water heater back into the building.

â??We are continuing to ensure they are abiding by critical health and safety laws to protect the public,â?? said Mayor Miner.â??Many of these corner stores have become blighted havens for ill activity on our streets and I have put the full resources and efforts of a variety of city agencies to address this problem head on. This is just our second round and we intend to continue this effort in our neighborhoods.â??

Jordan Ryan is one of the many neighbors who were upset about the store closing. "I came here today, it's crazy that this store is closed. I don't understand why they're doing this. We're here everyday to get food and chill. This is where we come to see out friends," says Ryan.

His friend Harold Vazquez was right there with him to find out the store had been closed until further notice from the City. "We come in here to get groceries every day. Now what we have to do, go to Tops? Nah... The corner store's right there and we only live right around the corner," says Vazquez.

Jayshawn Small has a football game Friday night playing for Fowler playing against Fulton High School. He tried to stop by the store to pick up a drink for game day. "It's a brand new store, before Tops came here, they came here first. I come here a lot, I come here almost every day. It's just sad to see that they closed it down, because it was brand new," says Small.

Earlier this month

, seven other corner stores

were closed for various infractions.