Three members of Town of Lee family arrested for threatening driver and children on bus

The Oneida County Sheriffâ??s Office has arrested three members of a family in the Town of Lee for threatening a bus driver and the kids on the bus.

According to deputies, two children on the bus were fighting, and one of them had a minor injury. The bus driver separated the two children and pulled over on Brookfield Road and waited for an ambulance.

As the bus sat, 54-year-old Arthur D. Bronson Jr. of Meyers Road in the Town of Lee approached the bus and demanded the driver open the door so his child could get off. The driver refused and Bronson proceeded to try and force the doors open, damaging them.

Meanwhile, 29-year-old Arthur D. Bronson III began threatening the bus driver and the kids on the bus, saying he was going to harm them, according to Deputies.

The driver contacted the police and was able to keep the two Bronsonâ??s off the bus.

The driver was then told by dispatch to let the child off the bus if the family was present. Deputies say when the driver opened the door, 33-year-old Nicole Bronson got on the bus and threatened the bus driver.

The driver left the area and waited for police to arrive, as he felt the childrenâ??s safety was in danger.

Deputies arrested Arthur Bronson Jr. for criminal mischief and for the damage to the bus door, as well as 11 counts of endangering the welfare of a child. He is being held in Oneida County Jail in lieu of $5000 bail.

Arthur Bronson III was arrested for 11 counts of endangering the welfare of a child and menacing. Bronson III is being held in lieu of $1800 bail.

Nicole Bronson was also arrested for 11 counts of endangering the welfare of a child and was released with an appearance ticket.