Three more arrested in counterfeit check scam in Onondaga County

Three more people were arrested for their involvement in a fraudulent check cashing scheme in Onondaga County.

North Syracuse police were called to the M&T Bank at 507 South Main Street in North Syracuse on Monday to investigate a forgery in progress. Investigators say 24-year-old Christopher Younis, of Syracuse, was trying to cash a check for an amount greater than $5,000. He was charged with attempted grand larceny and criminal possession of a forged instrument, and sent to the Onondaga County Jail on $5,000 cash bail.

On Tuesday, North Syracuse police arrested two others, who they say gave Younis the forged check to cash and bring back to them.

Those individuals, 27-year-old Christopher Little and 23-year-old Janeka Walton, both from Georgia, were also arrested on forgery, grand larceny, and conspiracy charges. They were both remanded to the Onondaga County Justice Center. Little is beging held on $50,000 cash, $100,000 bond, and Walton is behing held on $50,000 cash, $100,000 bond.

Also on Tuesday, four men from the Atlanta, Georgia area were arrested in the Carrier Circle area, accused of cashing counterfeit checks from local businesses in Central New York totaling tens of thousands of dollars. Jacob Jones, 20, Laponico Ross, 22, Travis "Cory" Odom, 27, and Edward Hines, 21, are now in the county jail on forgery and grand larceny charges. DeWitt police were tipped off when they were called to the M&T Bank on Erie Boulevard, where a man was trying to cash a fraudulent check.

Investigators think these individuals could be behind several similar instances across Onondaga and Oswego Counties in the last month. Already, they know Tuesday's North Syracuse incident is related.

Police believe the group would steal the checks, make phony copies, and then find someone to cash the checks and bring them the cash.

The Associated Press reports that police found a laptop computer, printer and blank checks the suspects used to make counterfeits at a suburban hotel where the men stayed for nearly a month before being arrested this week.

The investigation continues. Additional arrests and charges are expected.