Three more cases of human West Nile virus reported in Onondaga County

The Onondaga County Health Commissioner, Dr. Cynthia B. Morrow, announced Thursday that more evidence of West Nile virus has been found and three more human cases have been reported.

The Health Department reports finding evidence of West Nile virus in a mosquito trap on Island Road in Cicero, Onondaga County.

"Since the last update, three new cases of human infection with West Nile virus have been reported to the Onondaga County Health Department. These cases involve adults who were briefly hospitalized and all are recovering," said Morrow in a release.

Morrow says the Health Department anticipates continued West Nile virus activity for the rest of the season.

"With West Nile virus being this widespread, it is critical that the public continue to take measures to reduce their risk of being bitten by mosquitoes," said Morrow.

You can take several precautions to protect yourself against West Nile Virus and EEE. When you're outside at dawn or dusk, wear shoes, socks, long pants with the buttons tucked into boots or socks, and a long sleeved shirt. Itâ??s also important to remove standing water from your property to reduce mosquito breeding grounds.