Three stabbed in Armory Square bar fight

Kokomo's in Armory Square

Syracuse Police say one man is critical, after a triple stabbing at an Armory Square bar.

It happened after a large fight at Kokomo's on South Clinton Street. Police were called about 1:30 this morning.

22 year old Markall Wright was stabbed in the abdomen and is critical at Upstate University Hospital.

26 year old Kenmorris Kinsey was stabbed several times, and 27 year old General Davis, Jr was hit in the right arm.

Police say Davis is the son of General Davis, who did prison time in gang-related activities. He's now working to stop violence.

Police are referring the incident to the State Liquor Authority. They say there've been several fights and stabbing at the bar in the past several months.

Many neighbors are shocked to hear of these stabbings.

Tyler Rodriguez was outside of Empire Brewing Company on Sunday night less than 24 hours after the stabbings. "Honestly, I've been around here a couple times, I like the city. I'm over at Empire. Normally you don't hear about that around here at all, I know down past upstate a couple of those blocks down there it's a little rough but again I haven't heard of that in a while," says Rodriguez.

Some shoppers say these stabbings will make them think twice, but the most important thing is to be smart and aware of your surroundings, regardless of where you are.

Patricia Runge works at Empire Brewing Company downtown. "I

t sends a wave of a little bit of uncomfo




but it's downtown and you just have to be aware of your surroundings always, because there are bad people out there not doing the best things

," says Runge.

Some neighbors like Nick Walker say the violence is unusual, while others say it comes with the city's reputation.

I mean like the city already has a pretty bad reputation, I heard all over, like oh you're going to Syracuse, watch out for the city. It hasn't really touched me at all, but that's pretty close to home," says Walker.


Yea it's terrible. I can imagine the PD out here aren't exactly thrilled about it, it's not like they don't do nothing, that's just something unheard of

," says Rodriguez.

"Other neighbors say these stabbings won't keep them from coming downtown to shop or work," says Runge.

"It's just a certain group of people that clearly aren't going the right way in life," says Rodriguez.

Neighbors say the crimes are unfortunate, but not enough to deter them from the downtown the know and love.

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