Time Warner to rearrange their channel line-up

If you have Time Warner HD Cable, your favorite CNY Central stations are moving.

Time Warner Cable is planning to re-arrange their stations in an attempt to make it easier to search for the stations you want.

The new channel order will roll out on June 18 for all channels above 100, and will see channels organized by genre.

So, for those of you who have the basic channels 1-99, your service will not change.

For HD subscribers, your channels will be split up into categories like entertainment, kids & teens and sports.

Time Warner says that DVR settings and Parental Controls are not affected, so you wonâ??t have to tell your DVR where to find the shows you have set to automatically record.

If you have a favorites or Power On channel, these are changing. You can start the change by hitting the SETTINGS button on your remote.

Your favorite CNY Central channels are now 1205 for WTVH (CBS), 1215 for WSTM (NBC) and 1220 for the CW.

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to view the new channel lineup.