Tipperary Hill neighbors react to arsonist arrest

Syracuse Police arrested Shayne Davis on Thursday in connection with the Tipperary Hill fires.

Those living in Syracuseâ??s Tipperary Hill neighborhood are breathing a sigh of relief following the arrest of the man responsible for setting six fires in May and June.

The Syracuse Police Department arrested 32-year-old Syracuse resident Shayne Davis on Thursday. Davis is being charged with one count of murder, five counts of arson, and one count of attempted arson.

One of those fires was set on Cayuga Street in Syracuse and killed 90-year-old Frederick Brown. Neighbors on Cayuga Street were disturbed by the fires.

â??Iâ??ve lived in Tipp Hill my entire life, and I was seriously contemplating leaving,â?? said Michelle Minney. â??And I didnâ??t think I would ever want to leave, but thatâ??s a little too scary for me, especially when itâ??s being as close as it was.â??

Others are relieved to hear the arsonist was caught. â??Iâ??m just really glad they caught him,â?? said Lisa Rathbun, owner of Wheelerâ??s Tavern. â??Really, really glad. Everybody can sleep now.â??

Some neighbors considered taking extra security measures to ensure their homes stayed safe. â??We left our lights on all the time, and I was going to put security lights up in the back,â?? said Tipperary Hill neighbor Stephen Merchant.

Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler said that some suspicious fires are still being investigated with possible connections with Shayne Davis. No suspicious fires have sprung up in the Tipperary Hill neighborhood since the last reported fire in June.