Tips for safe winter weather driving

Icy roads across Central New York are keeping tow truck operators busy helping stranded motorists.

Todd Ingrham, AAAâ??s operations manager in Syracuse, says his office had to put extra drivers Monday night to help respond to the high numbers of calls.

Ingrham says snow that melts when the weather warms up during the day freezes at night, turning normal looking roads to sheets of ice.

To stay safe driving in winter, Ingrham says drivers should make sure they have proper tread on their tires, check all fluid levels in their car, make sure their windshield washers are working properly, carry an emergency roadside kit with flares, jumper cables, a shovel and extra set of warm weather clothing including boots.

The best thing Ingrham says motorists can do to stay safe, is to give themselves extra time to get where they are going and when they get on the road to make to keep a safe distance from other cars at all times.