Tips to land affordable Holiday airfare

<font size="2">Industry experts say if you're willing to fly on Christmas or New Year's Day, the airfare will be more reasonable.</font>

If you're planning to fly this Christmas, or holiday season, industry experts say shopping now will guarantee you get a seat, but you might not land the best deal.

They say airfare is decreasing by the day, and if you book in the first two weeks in December, you'll score a good deal.

According to Farecompare's Christmas Cheap Flight guide, airline ticket prices jump from 30 percent for shorter trips, to 90 percent for longer trips, during the third week of December.

That's why industry experts suggest planning your trip during the first two weeks of the month -- what they call the "December Dead Zone."

The highest prices are usually reserved for weekend flights. Often, you'll pay a premium to fly on Fridays as well.

If you're willing to fly on Christmas or New Year's Day, the fare will likely be more reasonable. Also, flying on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve is usually less expensive as well.

(information from NBC News used in this report)