Toddler's murder case goes to a jury

Saquan Evans

The jury has gone home for the weekend without a verdict in the case of a toddler's murder.

Both sides wrapped up closing arguments in Onondaga County Court in the

trial of Saquan Evans

on Friday morning. Evans is charged with murder in the death of 20-month-old Rashaad Walker, Jr. Prosecutors have said Walker was killed in a gang retaliation shooting, and his father was the intended target. The defense claims another man, Carlton Morman, actually pulled the trigger.

During closing arguments, defense attorney Ed Klein called the prosecution's witness, Desean Maddox, a liar and a gang member. Maddox testified that he was driving the car Evans was in, and saw Evans fire the shot that killed Walker. However, Klein says Maddox was an accomplice who lied to protect himself. Klein also told the jurors to remember what Evans is actually charged with. "Even if you think he wanted this plan carried out or assisted in it, you can not convict him if you do not believe he was the shooter," he said.

District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick then addressed the jurors in his closing arguments."There is not a single solitary shred of evidence in this case that puts Carlton Morman anywhere near Coolidge ave at the time of the shooting," said District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick. However, he says there is plenty of evidence that Evans was the shooter. Fitzpatrick said testimony by Maddox, a fingerprint by Evans in Maddox's car and GPS tracking from a parole bracelet Evans was wearing all proved he was the shooter. "Justice is about to catch up to this defendant," Fitzpatrick told the jurors.

If he is found guilty, Evans could face 25 years to life in prison.

The jury will continue deliberations on Monday.