Toledo fans ask Syracuse to forfeit football win

Outraged Toledo football fans took their case to the internet over the weekend. The Rockets lost to Syracuse University 33-30 in overtime last Saturday. After the game was over, the Big east's Commissioner of Officiating announced that referees had incorrectly award SU with an extra point with two minutes left in the game and replay officials had incorrectly ruled the play as good even though it was clear the ball never went through the goalposts. Many fans wanted SU's win taken away - something the Big East and MAC commissioners said was impossible under NCAA rules.

Late Monday, Toledo Athletic Director Mike O'Brien dropped a formal protest of the game and said that while the missed call affected the outcome of the game, "we accept the ruling from the Big East and the NCAA Football Rules Committee that the final outcome of the game cannot be reversed."

"I'd be upset if I was them and I'd probably be screaming the same stuff they are. So I understand their negative attitude towards it," said SU fan Stephen Gross.

On Toledo message boards there were plenty of calls for Syracuse to "make it right" and "forfeit the game." Even some on the SU hill said they weren't fully comfortable with the win.

While some SU fans admitted the missed call may have changed the game - most couldn't agree with calls from Toledo fans for Syracuse to forfeit the win.

"No - I think it was left on the field. The officials made a mistake and that's unfortunate but blown calls and officials making mistakes are part of the game," said SU fan Anthony Oterro.

"The game's over, the refs made the decision and basically it should be all done with," said SU fan Tom Buchanan.

Several SU and Toledo fans did agree that the Big East should continue investigating what happened and make sure it doesn't happen again.