Tom Dadey calls on Miner to step down as Syracuse Mayor or Democratic Party Co-Chair

Tom Dadey, Chairman of the Onondaga County Republican Party, was on 'The Talk Tonight' with Megan Coleman and Michael Benny Thursday evening.

Following a discussion about Mayor Stephanie Miner's call for New York Republican leaders to condemn a steamy web flier that attacked Buffalo-area Republican Senator Mark Grisanti, the conversation turned to Dadey's thoughts of Mayor Miner.

Dadey says he has a problem with Mayor Miner being both the Mayor of Syracuse and the Democratic Party Co-Chair. He says, Mayor Miner "has a job to do."

Dadey says that as Mayor of Syracuse, Miner has to work with both parties, and it's hard to do both jobs.

He says Mayor Miner can not attack the Republican Party and then expect their help and support.

Dadey says he's called on Mayor Miner to give up one of those jobs - either give up her job as Mayor of Syracuse, or give up roll as Democratic Party Co-Chair.

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