Tom Dotterer will continue to coach for CBA

Tom Dotterer will continue be the Christian Brotherâ??s Academy baseball coach if and when he is ready, says CBA athletic director John â??Buddyâ?? Wleklinski.

Dotterer was shot in the eye

during a robbery at his liquor store on Syracuseâ??s north side last month.

â??Itâ??s funny, I had no doubt heâ??d be back. Thatâ??s how tough he is,â?? says Wleklinski.

Wleklinski says Dotterer could back on March 11, the first day of practice, or anytime thereafter. The first game of the season is in April.

â??Weâ??ve got two great assistants who are willing to step in and help out if needed,â?? says Wleklinski.