Tomas Zavalidroga denied lower bail in latest court appearance

Tomas Zavalidroga

Tomas Zavalidroga was in Oneida Court this morning, asking for his bail to be lowered, or that he be released on his own recognizance. The judge denied that motion, keeping bail at $5,000.

Zavalidroga did all the talking in his court appearance, as he addressed the reasons he felt he should be eligible for a reduced bail. He specifically cited his income level, something the judge quickly shot down, saying Zavalidroga owns 190 acres of land in Annsville that is worth â??$60-$70 thousand dollars.â??

Zavalidroga also argues that he is being denied the opportunity to find a private attorney. Last week, Zavalidroga told the Court he did not want the Court-appointed attorney. The judge said he would personally address the accusation with the Oneida County Jail.

Zavalidroga is facing charges after investigators say he led his mother into the woods in Oneida and purposely left her there. He then reported her missing. The court papers claim that, while crews were searching for Margaret Zavalidroga, that Tomas would meet her in the woods and feed her oatmeal.

The 83-year-old Zavalidroga was found three days after being reported missing in the wooded area behind the Lowes store in Oneida.

Tomas Zavalidroga is charged with reckless endangerment and falsely reporting an incident.