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      Tomaselli asks police to drop Fine investigation

      Zach Tomaselli

      A new emotional email from the third accuser in the Bernie Fine case criticizes the Post-Standard, the Onondaga County District Attorny and the public who has not believed his allegation that he was a victim of sexual abuse. He dropped his civil lawsuit against the former Syracuse University associate head basketball coach.

      The Syracuse Post-Standard is reporting that a Maine man who accused fired Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine of molesting him wants police to end their investigation.

      In a text message to the newspaper, the 23-year-old Tomaselli says he plans to ask police to drop the inquiry because he's "sick of this." On Friday evening in the email to CNYCentral Tomaselli denied interest in investigators dropping the case. In fact, he stated in a lengthy email he still has faith the federal investigation will show he was abused.

      This is the entire e-mail sent by Tomaselli to anchor/reporter Matt Mulcahy:

      "I had no idea how much scrutiny I was going to come under once my storycame out. It has been overwhelming and has worn me down. The lies havebeen spewing from people like Fitzpatrick. I am constantly beingquestioned. The most important people in this story is the investigatorsand they know that there is plenty of coo-berating evidence againstBernie but that's not being reported because they aren't talking.Instead, news agencies like the post standard listen to Fitzpatrick whohas never even seen my statements to police. Police have told meFitzpatrick is Bernie Fine's friend and should not be trusted. They toldme they have kept him from all information dealing with the case. Yetwhen Fitzpatrick tells the post standard inside informations about thefederal investigation, they listen. I was told I was meeting with thepost standard today about the Bernie fine case since I had never metthem in person today. They were the ones who leaked my story when Ipreferred to keep it private and never wanted any media to know. Thepolice told me that the post standard will have to answer for what theydid. to I am on vacation in Houston and they fly down here to meet meacting like it's urgent. I met the reporter in a hotel room and hestarted to question me about emails I sent forwarded them. I did changetwo emails to make it look like I had more support than I do, hopingthat it would be reported and that it would cause me to have moresupport. I didn't add stuff about evidence that doesn't exist. I didn'tlie about anything Bernie did to me. It is so painful to get hate maileveryday from people saying I am no better than Bernie anyways so itdoesn't matter what happens. It is so painful to not be able to leave myhouse without being called a name. Anyways, I broke down and startedcrying and admitted that I did add to those two emails. As soon as Istarted crying, a photographer started snapping photos. I felt sodegraded that I have been in tears all day. All they cared about washaving their story. That's when I realized that the mistake I am makingis caring what the post standard and other people think. All thatmatters is what my real family and friends think of me and what theinvestigators believe. The investigators have overwhelming evidence andknow I am telling the truth. You can take a couple emails I exaggeratedbecause I'm a human being and wanted supporters and make it into mebeing a liar and say I'm lying about a huge federal investigation butyour wrong if you think that. The Feds, my friends, and my family knowthe truth. I have a lot of spiritual work to do. I have major flaws andissues. I am sick of being constantly criticized. I am not dropping thefederal investigation contrary to the post standard's report. I am goingto let the federal investigation speak for itself. I have dropped thecivil lawsuit for now because I know people will say I'm lying for themoney. Bernie fine molested me. Fred Tomaselli molested me. I was at thePittsburgh game and that has been proven even if it wasn't announced toy'all. That's the bottom line. Believe what you want but I could careless anymore. I'm just going to live my life and what happens, happens.I hope the post standard feels good about leaking my story, listening toFitzpatrick, and pushin me to tears just for their photo of me cryin onvacation when bernie is arrested and the evidence is revealed. If youhave any questions, let me know but I'm done making statements to y'all.It's gotten me nowhere. Y'all just seem to want to not listen toFitzpatrick and over react every time I sneeze. Not all of you. Ronni,Matt, and Mike Cohen have been good and I appreciate you guys but theother media members have ruined it for you.

      Zach Tomaselli"

      In an interview earlier Friday, Tomaselli told the Post-Standard he altered emails from Syracuse police before forwarding them to the paper in an attempt to bolster his account. But Tomaselli insists he told police the truth about Fine molesting him when he was 13. Two former ballboys also accused Fine of molesting them.

      Friday night, SU students on the hill were reacting to the news. Many telling CNY Central that they hope Fine gets a fair and thorough investigation and that they find out the truth. "I just hope there is some justice, I don't really know what that would be but it would be nice if we could get some closure on the whole matter. It would be nice to know what happened," said student Sam Morrison.

      Fine has denied the men's allegations.

      Of the known claims against Fine, only Tomaselli's case falls within the statute of limitations that could have allowed for federal prosecution.

      Tomaselli is expected to be sentenced in February to prison for sexually abusing a teenage boy in Maine.