Tompkins County warns drivers to be careful after heavy rains

The Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response is advising drivers to be careful while traveling following the heavy rains that passed through the area Thursday evening.

Torrential rains flooded many roads, and many of those roads are still covered in water and debris. Ditches are full, which isn't allowing the water to drain as quickly. Emergency Response says even though most roads are waterlogged, they are passable.

In the Town of Enfield, Bostwick Road, between Sheffield Road and Colgrove Road, has been closed indefinitely due to flooding and road washout.

Weatherby Road, between Black Oak Road and Buck Road, is also closed the Town of Enfield.

In the Village of Dryden, Lee Road is closed until further notice.

Tompkins County fire departments responded to calls related to the flooding Thursday, including pumping flooding basements.