Too much rain affects local farmers

Wayne Hess


combination of too much rain and bad timing
is affecting farmers throughout Central New York.


t's nearly mid-


une and many fields have not yet been planted.
They're so saturated with water, farmers can't get their equipment through all the mud.


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Regional Market in Syracuse, Wayne Hess who owns a farm in the Town of Onondaga is selling off the best of his fresh spinach. "A lot of my spinach crop is starting to die...the stuff that will be ready next week and the week after that is all turning yellow on me. I don't know if it will come back or not." Hess told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon.


ccording to
the CNY Central weather team, since May 1st this area has received 7.32 inches of rainfall. After today's deluge, we may be two inches of rainfall above normal in just six weeks.


dding to the problem is that just when the fields dry out

, along comes another soaker.


Paine of Paine Farms in Fulton says even if the weather changes immediately, many plants will still suffer. "What will probably happen is it will turn around and turn dry. That will hurt things just as bad because everything is used to wet weather. If you noticed yesterday when the sun came out...even through your plants are wet, they're wilting because they haven't had any sun. They're so saturated with water." he explained


aine says the ceaseless rain is affecting the availability of fresh local produce.
He says the yields of locally grown strawberries are down.


ccording to the farmers

we talked with at the Regional Market prices have remained stable so far.