Top cop at Syracuse University, Mike Rathbun, suspended from duty

Mike Rathbun

CNY Central has learned that one of the top officials in Syracuse University's Department of Public Safety has been suspended.

Public Information Officer, Jen Horvath, confirmed to Jim Kenyon that Assistant Chief Mike Rathbun has been suspended for a period of 30 days.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Public Safety Chief Tony Callisto told CNY Central this is a personnel matter, so he could not go into much detail. However, he says he received an internal complaint about a comment Rathbun made. Callisto says, "I initiated an investigation and found that he had made comments at our workplace to other DPS personnel that were insensitive. Due to our strong commitment to a workplace free from such comments, as well as his rank within the organization, I placed him on a 30-day suspension."

During Rathbun's suspension, Callisto says there will be a further assessment to ensure the Department of Public Safety is providing "an environment in which diverse social, cultural, and academic values are free to develop and prosper exists."

Rathbun is a high ranking officer in the

Department of Public Safety

. Prior to joining the force at

Syracuse University

, he was a Captain in the

Syracuse Police Department


Rathbun could not be reached for comment Tuesday.