Tornado tracking truck in Syracuse

Doppler on Wheels

What on earth is a tornado truck doing in central New York in March?

Dr. Scott Steiger

, a meteorology professor a SUNY Oswego, is not only an accomplished teacher, but an avid researcher of weather. He has chased tornados in the Midwest multiple times.

The â??

Doppler on Wheelsâ??, or â??DOW

â?? for short, is used by storm chasers to view tornadic thunderstorms closer than any other radar can. You may have seen the DOW on shows like â??Stormchasersâ??. You literally drive these trucks right up near the storm to analyze them and better understand how they form and ultimately how to forecast tornados more accurately. Dr. Steiger received a grant to use this vehicle to research lake effect snow along the Lake Ontario shoreline and points inland.

Dr. Steiger was in Syracuse for a lecture at SUNY ESF today to explain what he and his team have discovered this year with the DOW. You can find out more on his project here.

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