Tough real estate market? LaFayette man works as human billboard to sell his house.

Herb Brodt's LaFayette house has a four bedrooms, three baths a large garage and a new roof. After three years on the market, Herb gave up on realtors and found his own way to market it.

For the past week and a half, Herb has been spending his mornings near the downtown Syracuse off-ramp from Interstate 81. He built a series of signs describing his home and works as a human billboard.

Brodt says he knows it's unusual but he wanted to take a new approach to marketing his house. "Sometimes you need to do it different to do it better," said Brodt.

The home on Webb Road in Lafayette is only 15 minutes from downtown Syracuse. Brodt also lowered his price to $225,000.

His approach is unorthodox but so far it's also been effective

Brodt says he has been getting at least one or two calls a day and some interest from people who work at the downtown hospitals nearby.

Autumn Ellison stopped to talk with Brodt on her lunch break on Friday. She wasn't sure she was ready to buy a home but though the house looked like something she would be interested in.

"I'd go look at it. I really would," said Ellison. Because he's been out here for a couple weeks now."

Realtor Patrick O'Connor thinks Brodt would have more luck working with a professional but said the Central New York real estate market is showing signs of a recovery.

"I think the tide here is turning. I think last fall was probably the lowest point in this area and I think we're starting to see improvement," said O'Connor.

Brodt says he's sticking with his unconventional approach but looking forward to finding a buyer. He and his wife have already moved into a new house next door.

"I'm paying taxes on two houses, I'm paying insurance on two houses, electric on two houses - so it will be a blessing for me when I sell it," said Brodt.