Tourism threatened by high water levels and flooding in Fair Haven

The Pleasant Beach Hotel in Fair Haven.

FAIR HAVEN, OSWEGO COUNTY, N.Y.---Bonnie Scoville walks on her dock at the Pleasant Beach Hotel- thankful she can still see it.

She and her husband are gearing up for opening day of the summer season.

"There's just something about this place it's just phenomenal and it still is," said Scoville, "it's a very special spot, as I said the original owner built it in 1910 and he chose wisely."

"She's pretty heavy in seafood but that seemed to be the right combination so yeah it's just a real easy laid-back comfortable, "kind of like going to your grandma's at the lake."

But down on the lake shore water is seeping in gradually.

Bonnie says while they are a hotel and bar-restaurant, so much of their business is on the water.

This flooding has the potential to hurt business.

"It's been a huge part of our business, by this time we probably would've had several of our, you know, seasonal people in, but none of them can get launched, the marinas can't launch the boats the ramps are all closed," said Scoville.

People from all over the world visit each year.

"I've had a lot of them email me, call me, to check up on in because they're seeing it on the news," said Scoville.

But there's a potential that people will start canceling or worse-not booking at all.

"Our reservations, usually you do make them you know fairly well in advance. A lot of people are having to at least ask and think twice when they call you know is the hotel ok? Are you gonna be ok? Are you gonna stay high and dry?"

For now they are and that's how they hope to stay.

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