Town of Cicero warns of possible home improvement scam

If you are thinking about getting some work done on your house this spring, the Town of Cicero wants you to be aware of possible scams in the area. The Town of Cicero Supervisor, Jessica Zambrano, The Town of Cicero Police Chief, Joseph Snell, and The Town of Cicero Senior Advocate, Diane Browning say these scams involve home construction projects like roofing, windows, doors and remodeling.

Some vendors in the area are giving estimates that are up to five times more than the average price for similar repairs by other vendors.

The Town of Cicero is working on an educational program to help prevent senior citizens from being scammed.

If you feel you may have been scammed, you can contact the Better Business Bureau or the Attorney Generalâ??s Office.

The Town of Cicero Police has several job estimates that show a huge difference in price as compared to other reputable vendors in the area. Contact the Town of Cicero Police for further information and to request an interview.

Call Investigator James Meyers at 699-3677 ext. 18 or 315-317-0217.