Town of Geddes hires collection agency to go after past due parking fines

The Town of Geddes is going after past due parking fines by hiring a collection agency.

The Town Board passed a resolution which gave the green light to the Town Supervisor to sign an agreement with Med Rev Recoveries Inc., the agency that will be going after unpaid parking fines dating back to 2009.

If the fines are not paid after notification from the collection agency, their credit could take a hit. The agency notifies the three credit reporting bureaus if the fines are not paid.

The town is giving people an opportunity to pay the fines and avoid collections through an amnesty program that gives neighbors until August 1 to pay fines.

If you have an unpaid ticket, you can either bring it to the Geddes Town Hall to pay, or you can dispute the fines.

The Town of Geddes is also looking into a BOOT program, where drivers parked on city streets with past due fines will have their vehicles booted, so they will be unable to drive, until the fines are settled.

The Town says that there are about 273 outstanding parking tickets, totaling close to $20,000 in fine money.

Any questions can be directed to the Town of Geddes Court at 315-468-3600.