Town of Geddes votes to repeal New York Safe Act

At a meeting on Tuesday night, board members in the Town of Geddes voted 5-2 to repeal the New York Safe Act.

The town's decision is more symbolic than purposeful. "It's just to put pressure at the top to say, 'Look it, we're not in favor of what's going on here,'" said Manny Falcone, Town Supervisor. "Gives us that right to be heard, so we can move forward in the right way."

Falcone felt voting to repeal the act was the best decision for the town. "In my mind, I know it's the right thing to do," explained Falcone. "I've had a lot of constituents call in favor of it."

One resident at the meeting agreed with the town's decision to repeal the act. "All we want to do is be able to live our lives in the pursuit of happiness, like it says in the constitution and all that," said James Baleno. "These laws make it harder for us to defend our families and our homes and pursue that happiness."

Two members of the council voted against repealing the act, including David Murphy. "I feel as though it needs to be amended," said Murphy. "But I feel it's a little premature for us as a town to come out and say that we need to appeal it. It's a very thick packet of legal information, and I'm confused by some of it. So I wanted to understand it more before I make a vote for the constituents of the Town of Geddes."

Geddes is not the first town to make a statement against the New York Safe Act. On March 5, lawmakers in Onondaga County also passed a resolution to repeal the new gun laws.