Town of Sennett taxpayers $100 richer thanks to tax rebate


n the town of Sennett, Christmas is coming really early. If you own a home or business within the town, you can expect a check in the mail by the beginning of September for $100. This was the news given to taxpayers today at town hall.

The town is operating with a surplus of more than two million dollars after cutting positions from the town government and bringing businesses such as Panera Bread into the route five corridor just outside Auburn. This increased the net worth of all the property in Sennett by 80 million dollars over the last six years. State law says they need to give back money equally, so repairs to bridges and roads are not able to be done with this surplus fund.

After increasing the towns net worth and decreasing spending all in an age when other larger areas are going bankrupt, the towns supervisor, Jeff Herrick says that other cities and towns can look to what they have done right here in Sennett.

"Our government is working efficiently, that's the key. Could I fix Albany? Sure, sure, I could fix it quick. It's generated on income and expenditures, it could be done. Small model, but town of Sennett, we're in great shape," says Herrick.

Terry Hensel and Tracy Bond both understand how much and extra $100 could help them out. "It is great and it's wonderful to see that a town can manage their money properly and give back when they can," says Hensel. "That's really nice that you're willing to help people out and to give money, because you don't get nothing for free anymore," says Bond.

The town has several factors that lead to the rebate, including the town's increased net worth by $75 million over the last five years. It also cites a cutback on government positions over the last few years, including a full time code enforcement officer and two staff attorneys and contracting out part time work. The town will be giving out 1,100 checks. The money will be coming out of the fund balance.