Township 5 a go in Camillus, using Facebook to build business

A triangle of land in Camillus is about to be Township 5, with stores, restaurants, offices and apartments.

The Town of Camillus is about to see a major development that's been in the works since 2007.

DeWitt-based Cameron Group LLC confirms that a Costco store on the Township 5 site is almost a done deal, and several other tenants are confirmed, including CineBowl & Grille (stadium-style theatre) and an Olive Garden, Mesa Grande, Longhorn Steakhouse, Papaya Asian Kitchen & Bar, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

The 67 acres adjacent to Route 5, between Hinsdale and Bennett Roads, has been cleared, with actual building expected soon.

Joe Goethe, partner in Cameron Group LLC, says the land was purchased in 2005, and paperwork for development was filed in 2007, but several details had to be worked out, including easier road access and getting around gas pipelines and high voltage power lines on the property. A PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) agreement would have the company build a connector road from Route 5 to the Bennett Road side, to ease congestion at the Hinsdale-Milton Avenue intersection.

On Friday, Cameron Group launched a Facebook Page for the project, which allows people to 'vote' on what they'd like to see in the new center. Goethe (pronounced GAYthee) says it's a way of getting input, and also may help in signing on new tenants:

Trader Joe's is prominently featured on the site, and the company hopes positive feedback on having them in Camillus can help persuade the restaurant chain to locate here.

Township 5 is expected to have its first tenants open for business by early 2014, and that will mean more traffic and more people in the area, something that WAVES Ambulance is also taking note of. Dan Taylor says WAVES is already anticipating more calls, both during construction and as people come.

Cameron Group calls the project 'a dominant super regional destination.' Goethe defines that as a place with a neighborhood feel, that also draws customers and clients from regions near, but beyond the Town of Camillus.