Townships in Oswego County spraying to squash West Nile Virus


n alert for neighbors living in the Town of Hastings and West Monroe in Oswego County -- don't be alarmed if you see planes flying lower than usual this week. Its' official -- the townships will be spraying to fight the mosquito population, in hopes of curbing the mosquito-borne illness, West Nile Virus.

If the weather doesn't permit Wednesday evening, spraying is likely Thursday at dusk.

The Town of Hastings Supervisor, James Weatherup, says the spray kills mosquitoes on contact when they're airborne, but officials won't be able to tell how many it kills until after this week's round of spraying.

Spraying will also take place in the Big Bay area of nearby West Monroe, near Toad Harbor Swamp, where the virus was found last week.

Future spraying will depend on the weather, especially as it gets cooler, and closer to fall.

The decision to spray comes after pools in Central Square tested positive for the mosquito borne illness earlier this month.

West Nile Virus was also detected in New Haven.