Tracks in the snow lead to burglary arrest in Watertown

Stephen Meyers

Watertown police followed tracks in the snow Tuesday morning to locate a man accused of burglarizing a redemption center.

48 year-old Stephen Myers is charged with burglary, petit larceny, and criminal possession of stolen property.

Watertown police say an officer was responding to a reported burglary at Griff's Redemption Center Tuesday morning around 8:30 when he saw tracks in the snow near the scene.

The officer followed the tracks to an apartment building on Factory Street. Further investigation led him to Myer's apartment.

Myers was found with items taken from the burglary. Police say Myers also appeared to be making methamphetamine at the time of the arrest.

Myers is expected to face additional charges related to the meth.

He is being held in the Jefferson County jail awaiting arraignment Wednesday morning in city court.