Tragedy in Smithfield: Tornado caused home collapse that killed 4 people, including 4-month-old baby

Kimberly Hilliard

Authorities identified the four victims that were killed in a tornado what moved through the Town of Smithfield, in Madison County, Tuesday evening.

35-year-old Kimberly M. Hilliard, her 4-month-old daughter Paris Newman, 70-year-old Virginia Warner and 53-year-old Arnie D. Allen were killed when a home on Goff Road was destroyed by the tornado.

The National Weather Service says the tornado was at least an EF2, but could have been larger.

Governor Cuomo says a pattern of extreme weather has emerged in his three and a half years in office.

He says there have been 11 federally declared disasters in his time in office.

Barbara Watson with the National Weather Service says that the wind speeds were well over 100 MPH based on the damage they are seeing.

"Houses we can replace, buildings we can replace,â?? Governor Cuomo said. â??When you lose a 4 month old baby, when you lose a family, there's no damage like that."

A "GoFundMe" page has been created to help the family of Kimberly Hilliard as they continue to cope with this tragedy. You can find the page here.