Trail at Onondaga Lake Park closes for repaving

Onondaga Lake Park

One of Onondaga Lake Park's most popular trails will be closed for most of the remaining weeks this summer.

The east shore recreation trail, used by cyclist and rollerbladers will be shutdown starting Monday, July 22, for a major repaving project.

Cyclists and rollerbladers will be able share the shoreline trail with walkers during the repaving. Tram service at the park will be suspended for the duration of the project.

The trail has not been paved since 2001 and is starting to show some wear and tear.

County Parks Commissioner Bill Lansley says repaving the trail should take six to eight weeks.

"It's a 20-foot wide paver that is going to come in here. You're not going to have the seam in the road, it's going to be a completely flat surface. It's going to be a biker's, a rollerbladers paradise," says Lansley.