Trail of damage left behind in Herkimer County, reports of a funnel cloud spotted

Route 20, Bridgewater, Oneida Co.

There are reports of severe damage in Herkimer, Oneida and Montgomery Counties from storms that ripped through Thursday afternoon.

People in the area reported seeing a funnel cloud in West Winfield and spotters also reported a tornado. The National Weather Service has not yet confirmed if a tornado touched down in the area.

There are reports of structural damage throughout Herkimer County. We are getting word of roofs being blown off homes and barns in the area. There are also reports of many trees and wires down throughout the county.

Some trees were ripped out by their roots, others were split in half. Many trees crashed down on power lines. One woman says the pictures on her wall shook inside her home as the storm rolled through. Another woman says items from other homes came flying into her lawn.

Do you have pictures of the damage in your neighborhood? Please share them below.

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