Train derailment in The Bronx, at least 4 dead

Sunday morning's Metro North derailment--the last car just inches from the water

A Metro North train derailed in The Bronx early Sunday morning, with at least 4 dead and 48 injured.

Engineers on the train called in the derailment at 7:20am Sunday, just outside the Spuytent Duyvil station. The train was southbound on the Hudson line, coming from Poughkeepsie. The derailment happened on a 'low speed' curve just before the station, the same place there was a derailment this past summer.

130 New York City firefighters rushed to the scene, and divers are in the river as a precaution, but aerial pictures show the last car is resting just inches from going into the water where the Hudson and Harlem Rivers meet.

Investigation is just getting underway, and we will update you as we get more information.