Trash removal company says Oswego County isn't coming clean about crash

A closeup of some of the damage to the truck / photo: Alex Dunbar

On Monday morning, Chuck Robbins was stopped on Route 57 in the Oswego County Town of Schroeppel. He was picking up normal collections for Tim Green's Trash Removal company when he noticed a county street sweeper getting a little too close for comfort.

"All of the sudden I see the street sweeper going in reverse. I was a sitting duck. I couldn't do anything, I couldn't move. I blew the horn but he ran right into me," said Robbins as he described the moments before the crash.

Nicole Sieber's husband owns the trash company, and took a cell phone picture just moments after the crash. Sieber says Oswego County won't accept responsibility for the crash and even questioned if it was a county street sweeper. On Thursday, Sieber says the county officials told her they are not responsible to pay the damages because the accident happened in a work zone. Sieber says the State Police didn't issue any tickets and she doesn't know who will pay for the trucks repair - which will likely cost thousands.

The driver's side of the trash truck has numerous dents, tears and some pieces were sheared off completely.

Sieber says it's hard to look at the damage. Her husband and his brothers spent five years converting an old fire engine and parts from the family business into a trash truck.

"They just worked very hard on it. They put it together by hand. Everything is custom on it. It hits home - it hurts," said Sieber.

Tim Green's trash removal did get one piece of good news. Butler Trash Removal has loaned them a truck as they do their best to deal with a major inconvenience.

"We just want to pick up our customers on time, keep food on the table for the guys who work with us and ourselves."

Oswego County Highway Superintendent Kurt Ospelt did not return multiple calls about the crash. State Police have also not responded to CNYcentral's questions about the crash investigation.