Travelers alter winter vacation plans after snow falls


ravelers anxiously waited for almost an hour to find out if their winter vacations were still intact.

Kimberly Bell was with her family Brewerton and they were looking to see if their flight was on time so they could head down to Florida.

"we were on the 4 O'clock flight to Philadelphia," says Bell. "We were going to Universal, Disney and then back to West Palm," says Bell.

With the snow piling up, their flight into Philadelphia was delayed. To continue onto West Palm Beach, they would need to stay in Philly until Monday. Not wanting to wait three more days, they decided it was best to just cancel the entire trip.

"We were just hoping for the best, hoping to get out of Syracuse, because we normally do. This is the worst that we thought would happen and this is exactly what happened," says Bell.


ther travelers

like Antonia Legnetto

had to settle for flights a few days later than they had hoped.

"We got a flight to Philly today, we have to stay in Philadelphia for two days and Sunday night we get to go to Rome," says Legnetto.

Mark Bishop and his family here in Syracuse were trying to get onto a cruise down south. It was a vacation they had been planning for months.

"Our flight is cancelled right now to Charlotte. We're waiting to see if there's any other options, but everything's booked it looks like, so we're just hoping for a miracle, but not looking good," says Bishop.

But for the Bell's they want to keep their family upbeat about missing this vacation and look ahead to doing it again in the spring.

"It's a big let down. But We're trying to make it positive to look forward to April," says Bell.

An April vacation which the Bell's hope will let them take all of their flights on time.