Travelers at Hancock Airport feel the force of winter storm

<font size="2">Colleen Inniss-Gittens and her thirteen year old daughter Alyssa were hoping to make it home to Barbados, but won't be able to catch a flight until Saturday.</font>

The storm that has dumped snow with frigid temperatures along the East Coast has stranded dozens of travelers at Hancock International Airport in Syracuse. On Friday morning, a number of flights to and from Newark, NJ and New York City were cancelled.

At the United ticket counter at Hancock, about 80 people were lined up hoping to catch alternate flights to get to their destinations. Among them was Leryiah Arant and her family, including two young children. She told CNYcentral that she had come to visit her family in Rome and was hoping to get to her home in Columbia, South Carolina today. However, she says she's being told the earliest she can leave is Saturday.

"Honestly, we just have to be patient," Leryiah said. "And it's hard with two little kids. But I feel for the agents up there because I'm sure they're not having a good day either."

Also stranded in Syracuse for an extra day are Colleen Inniss-Gittens and her thirteen year old daughter Alyssa. They were hoping to return to their home in Barbados, but their connecting flight in NYC was cancelled.

"I can't change anything. I can get upset about it, but it wouldn't change anything. So as long as I can get home tomorrow, I'll be fine," Colleen said.

She told CNYcentral that her daughter wanted to come to Syracuse to see the snow. Alyssa says "we went to see lights on the lake, which was very pretty. I loved it a lot." She says she doesn't mind spending another day in Syracuse, but she wishes it was warmer.