Travelers both frustrated and relieved going to, from Boston

There were many frustrated travelers at Syracuse Hancock International Airport on Friday night, stranded after the cancellation of a U.S. Airways direct flight from Syracuse to Boston.

"I know the people who were trying to get to Boston were extremely mad because of everything that's been happening," said Syracuse University freshman Sam Reiner, who was unable to fly out to Boston on Friday.

Reiner said he was alerted to the cancellation just five minutes prior to boarding the flight, scheduled to leave at 5:25pm.

Another traveler on the cancelled flight was unsure where she would go when she got home. "I'm not going to go back to Cambridge," said Nicole Tocco, who decided to rent a car and drive home. "I'm going to go straight to my parent's house, get out of the city...or go up to New Hampshire, escape to a family home in New Hampshire."

A U.S. Airways employee at the airport said the flight cancellation was due to the weather, but not all travelers were convinced. "We thought maybe it was weather because the weather's been bad, but it's definitely not the weather," said John Murray, who was scheduled to be on the cancelled flight to Boston. "It's because of the manhunt that's going on."

It was also difficult for those who flew out of Boston on Friday into Syracuse. "We were in a total lockdown," said Miguel Sapp, who was in Boston for business. "At one point, there were no cabs. There was a lot of police movement going up and down Memorial Highway. There were checkpoints on the highway going into Logan Airport."

"We were able to get to the airport and grab an earlier flight," said Chris Hancock, who flew from Boston to Syracuse on Friday afternoon. "We just wanted to get out of town."