Travelers navigate snow and ice as winter storm slams Syracuse

The first snowflake fell around 6:30 Wednesday night as Central New York's first winter storm of the season slammed the region.

Whiteout conditions, blowing snow and slippery roads plagued drivers, especially on the Thruway, where several were trying to go east. Drivers said they could not see the lines on the road due to the snow, causing them to slow down to avoid slipping and sliding.

Greg Miller and his wife were traveling from Canada to Albany, and said the conditions worsened as they drove east.

"We got to Buffalo, it wasn't bad," Miller said. "Then the snow started falling, it's been constant, not a very fun drive since then. I can't see the lanes to drive, fortunately, I found a truck, and I've been following a truck for the last hour and a half."

Drivers said they used patience and concentration when the conditions were at their worst.