Traveling Vietnam Wall unveiled in New Haven

"The Moving Wall," a traveling replica of the Vietnam Wall, opened in New Haven on Thursday evening. The wall, which travels nationwide, will be at the New Haven Fire Department until early Tuesday morning. It is open to visitors 24 hours for the entire time it is in New Haven.

The New Haven American Legion post worked for four years to bring the wall to the area, making its arrival even more emotional.

"Very heartwarming, emotional," said Vietnam veteran Secil Brown. "And that's it. It's something that's way deep down."

Veterans hope the wall also serves as a reminder to others about the price of freedom.

"Memorial Day is not just about having the day off," said veteran Todd Brown. It's not just about having BBQs. I mean, you've got 52,248 names on that wall of people that were lost in this war. And we've got thousands of people that were lost that aren't even inscribed on a wall. So this is the stuff that people need to remember."

Vietnam Veteran Tom Benjamin brought his two young grandsons to see the wall on Thursday afternoon. "I want my grandchildren to know what they went through and what they did, which is why we're out here visiting," said Benjamin.

Volunteers are standing guard at the wall day and night, and are estimating that tens of thousands will visit through the Memorial Day Weekend.

The wall is stationed at the New Haven Fire Department, 4211 State Route 104.