Tree smashes through a trailer in Pennellville

A tree crashed through the center of a trailer home in the Blue Jay Lane Trailer Park on Route 54 in Pennellville around 8:00 p.m. Monday night as superstorm Sandy passed through Central New York.

A witness tells CNY Central's Jim Kenyon that two adults and a four year old child were inside but managed to escape without injury. They spent the night in a motel courtesy of the Red Cross.

Cheryl Hamilton lives within a few yards from the trailer. Like everyone last night, she was listening to the high winds howling outside.

"I heard winds blowing, I heard this really strange noise. My dad thought it was thunder. I came out to find a tree in my neighbor's living room."

Hamilton was not surprised that last night's storm would cause one of them to crash through her neighbor's home.

"Something needs to be done with these trees. We have a problem with them every time we have a windstorm," says Hamilton.

Despite all the high winds Monday night, Oswego County 911 dispatchers say this is the only significant report of damage to a home.