Trial begins for Sherrill man accused of killing 6-year-old girl, says God told him to

Victim's mother takes the stand in Trebilcock murder trial

A non-jury trial is getting under way for a man accused of stabbing to death his girlfriend's 6-year-old daughter in front of her twin sister and later claiming god told him to do it.

The case against 30-year-old David Trebilcock will be heard by an Oneida County judge. Trebilcock asked for a non-jury trial.

Assistant Public Defender Patrick Marthage says he'll argue that Trebilcock was insane when he killed Lauren Belius last July as her mother frantically tried to break down the barricaded bedroom door.

Marthage says the goal isn't to argue that Trebilcock didn't kill the child, but to determine why he did it.

The prosecution called witnesses on Tuesday, including Lauren's mother Allison. Allison described her relationship with Trebilcock and testified about what happened the day Lauren died.

Belius says she met Trebilcock while working as a nurse supervisor at the Rome Nursing Home where Trebilcock was a nurseâ??s aid.

Belius says he moved in with her and her 3 kids in 2011. She said he was initially great with kids and that they â??lovedâ?? him. Trebilcock taught them to fish and they all did Tai Kwan Do together.

Belius says things between her and Trebilcock changed when they planned a trip to Florida together. As the trip approached, he said he did not want to go. Belius said he later told her that he had had sex with a 12-year-old girl in Florida who had gotten pregnant1 eleven years earlier, when he was 19. Trebilcock said he was afraid he would be arrested if he went back.

Belius says Trebilcock admitted he had been in contact with the same girl and was having a â??phoneâ?? sex relationship with her. After that, she says he started acting strange and would carry a bible around and sit by himself in the basement with the bible on his lap. He admitted he was a sex addict and had an affair when they first met.

Belius says she had doubts about the relationship and told Trebilcock about them. He threatened to leave and then finally did, but he came back the next morning July 19th, and said everything was fine. Belius says it was a beautiful day and they all played outside on the deck. Trebilcock even went swimming with the girls in their pool, which was something he would never do.

Later in the day, leave says Trebilcock got down on a knee in the laundry room and proposed to her. She told him no; she was still legally married and was not sure of their future.

Belius says Trebilcock seemed fine and later played musical chairs with the kids. A short time later, she went to the store to get food. When she came back, her daughter Lauren was very upset but would not tell Alison what was wrong.

Belius put the girls to bed. They slept in bunk beds but always ended up in the same bed together by morning and often slept hugging each other.

After Belius put girls to bed, she says her son Nolan asked to talk to her. When they were alone, Nolan told her that Trebilcock told him weird things about â??badâ?? people and evil things that were going to happen.

Belius says she went downstairs and yelled at Trebilcock. She told him to apologize to Nolan and he did.

She says that after that, she tucked the girls in, then she went to the bedroom and had sex with Trebilcock. She says she went to sleep and was awakened by screams from her other daughter Erica shortly after.

Belius says Trebilcock had barricaded the door to the girlsâ?? room and when she finally kicked it in, she found Trebilcock up on the ladder stabbing Lauren in the top bunk multiple times.

Belius testified she tried to pull him off and the railing broke. Lauren fell to the floor where Belius tried to give her CPR, but Trebilcock came back and stabbed Lauren in the neck.

Belius says she yelled out to him, â??why are you killing my baby?â?? She says Trebilcock replied, â??sheâ??s not a baby, sheâ??s bad.â?? Belius kept trying to do CPR and Trebilcock started stabbing himself. He then came back and started trying to stab Lauren, then he started to stab Belius. He stabbed Belius twice, and she need surgery for both wounds. Belius got the knife away from Trebilcock and stabbed him. She than hit him with the wooden rail from the bunk bed and ran outside with Lauren and Erica where neighbors called 911.

Neighbors and emergency workers also testified on Tuesday. The trial will continue on Wednesday at 10 am.