Tricky parking at Destiny USA

Black Friday is crazy enough, but traffic jams and parking problems can make it even worse. Destiny USA looks a lot different than the Carousel Mall did last year, and insiders say smart shoppers can us the new parking lots south of Hiawatha Blvd. to avoid the worst of the rush.

Alexis Francey used the pedestrian bridge to walk in from the new lots, and says itâ??s a lot easier than the traditional traffic jams.

â??Thereâ??s more access on the side roads I know on Hiawatha it can get really crammed up with traffic there.â??

The mall is suggesting shoppers use exits off Route 81 just south of the mall-Court or Bear Streets-to avoid the worst traffic and get into these new lots.

Rob Schoeneck says: â??If youâ??ve you've been frustrated sitting and waiting for the traffic to get in and out - some great ideas to see if it works."

The lots south of Hiawatha Blvd. also can help people get out and back home. A new road near the border of the mall property connects the main loop around destiny to the new parking lots, and could be a good way to escape long traffic lines.

Nathan Taylor says: â??it will get too congested inside the loop of the mall here. Here you just park wherever you can, straight up, you walk in, and there you go."

The expansion eliminated or altered a lot of the old parking lots around the mall, and the new lots wonâ??t stay a secret for long. Destiny USA is expecting huge crowds at its more than 200 stores.

Gail McKinstry says "we've got people coming from Canada. We've got people coming from all over; we've got people visiting their families.â??

No matter where you park, this will be a busy weekend at the mall. Using the new lots could save you some time and frustration.